Thomas J. Albert, Jr., M.D.

Office: Mayor of New Orleans
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana

New Orleans is blessed by its people, geography, history and the natural resources in the state. Tourism is our great asset and criminal violence should not be allowed to hamper its development. The city is suffering because of a terribly weakened police force and the concomitant disturbing increase in violent crime. Police must be allowed to protect our citizens and our guests, the tourists. Police must serve and protect our citizens, who must not feel threatened. The streets of the city are crumbling and in dire need of repair. High rates of unemployment, poverty and crime can only be resolved with a governmental and community focus on education and children, while encouraging the development of small businesses and attracting large corporations to employ our citizenry. Our next mayor is charged with marshaling all available assets, offering corporate tax incentives, repairing roads, maximizing the successfulness of our schools, to propel the jewel of the south, New Orleans, to greater heights, purely for the benefit of its citizens. It is time for New Orleans to make advances in the resolution of crime, inequality and poverty, such that this great city can surge forth into the 21st century.