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Bill Hanley

Office: City Councillor, Ward 2
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Waltham
State: Massachusetts

Like my parents, I was born and raised in Ward 2. I want to be your representative on Waltham's City Council. Our neighborhood, and City, are going through prosperous, but disruptive changes. I grew up playing at Lazazzero Playground and fishing in Hardy Pond, and I want the next generation of Ward 2 residents to have the same great experiences I had in our neighborhood.

I've made a career helping clinicians analyze and build technology to improve how they treat patients. Those same skills and customer service focus will be put to work as the City Councillor in Ward 2, bridging the gap between neighbors and city government. Neighborhood and quality of life issues are my number one priority, and I believe our tax dollars should be invested in education and infrastructure. I want to improve our streets, support our public safety services, mitigate traffic, keep a close eye on tax increases and property value, and ease the burden of the construction of the new Waltham High School at 554 Lexington Street.