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Eric Poch

Office: Select Board
Party Affiliation:
City: Sudbury
State: Massachusetts

Eric Poch (26 year resident) has been involved with many civic groups in Sudbury, Massachusetts both elected and nominated.

Over the last 15 years he has helped lead the town’s Planning Board as Vice Chair and Chair / Co-Chair of the Finance Committee. In those roles it has been an absolute pleasure to work with dozens if not hundreds of the town staff and volunteer contributors to the many boards, commissions and committees in town.

Poch has a successful track record of looking at things differently, while maintaining stability. He brings new ideas from himself and neighbors to the table for debate and discussion. He takes a pragmatic and consistent approach toward What can get done, How and When and at What cost.

He has the desire to work with other Select Board members to improve the Board's organization, focus and consistency of approach, as he successfully achieved with the Finance Committee and Planning Board. Poch can bring a new, but experienced voice to discussion on the important and current matters our community encounters and hit the ground running in bringing them to vote and closure.