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Lynne Rudnicki

Office: Selectwoman
Party Affiliation:
City: North Andover
State: Massachusetts

After serving on the Planning Board for five years along with being a part of establishing the Master Planning Steering Committee, I've decided to run for Selectwoman in the upcoming March 27th election.

I hope you’ll join my campaign. With you on the team, we will again be successful and make a positive impact for North Andover.

Let me tell you a few things about myself. As a project manager, I’ve run small and large communities, including overseeing finances, loans and investments. My experience in establishing a high quality of life in these communities can be carried over to a larger scale. Add to that my hands on approach and experience on the Planning Board, and I know we can bring the change the community needs.

As we’ve grown, our town’s needs have changed. Still, we must focus on our community values. I will conduct public out reach before deciding or steering minor and especially major policy changes, quality of life or other impacts to the town. It's time for a change and I hope you'll join me.