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Nicholas Barassi

Office: House of Representatives
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
State: Massachusetts

Nick is a 27 year old Navy Veteran who is campaigning for the Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District seat. Nick and his brother Anthony run a small business together. Nick understands the importance of our small businesses and that our economy is built off of them. Nick's campaign is all about putting America First. When putting America and her people first not only is our country strong, but our people are stronger. We need to take care of our own people and our leadership currently has failed to do that. The people of Massachusetts have paid the price of weak leadership and socialist ideologies. It's time to put strong leadership and freedom in office and go back to what our founding father's intended this country to be. We need leadership that understands that our RIGHTS are RIGHTS and not privileges and for people to determine how they want to live their lives. Nick is that candidate. Nick has shown his willingness to serve his country while in the Navy and will continue to serve his country and the people of Massachusetts when in Congress.