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Patti Brennan Sawtelle

Office: Town Clerk
Party Affiliation:
City: Arlington
State: Massachusetts

Patti has more than 25 years of municipal and professional experience in project and program management. Employed by the Town of Arlington since 2009, she is currently a Technology Project Manager where she has used her skills and education to improve business practices and replace outdated software programs, with the goal of improving the customer experience and reducing our environmental footprint.

Prior to her current role as a technology project manager, she previously administered the Town’s vaccination program, including the vaccination of nearly 8,000 residents during the 2009-2010 flu pandemic, which required management of multiple sites, logistics, equipment, and hundreds of volunteers. That operations experience translates directly to election management. Patti will use those skills to manage an impartial electoral process with integrity and fairness.

In addition to her experience at the Town of Arlington, Patti is a notary public and she have more than 15 years’ experience managing operations in energy efficiency, marketing, and sales.

Patti has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Suffolk University and a Master in Business Administration from Nichols College. She also received procurement certifications from the Office of Inspector General and operational certifications from the National Incident Management System.