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Ricky Tith

Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Fall River
State: Massachusetts

My name is Ricky Tith. I was born in Cambodia and raised in Providence. I’m married to a beautiful woman named Anna Keuth. Together we’re raising four great kids. Where Anna and I came from, children are considered life’s ultimate gift. I love my whole family very much.

Anna and I have lived in Fall River since 1999. We’ve always intended to raise our kids here. For the first 15 years, we were tenants. We tried hard at our jobs and banked whatever was left once the bills were paid. It was worth it. Four years ago, in November 2014, we moved into our first “real” home.

Like us, all our kids will attend city schools. I understand why parents are concerned when they send a child to a public school: my whole education took place there. I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that come with an urban setting.

I decided to run for this office again because our wonderful city has been trapped too long at a crossroads. Indecision and private agendas have cost us in ways that are hard to measure, but it’s happened nonetheless. Things are critical. We can’t afford to keep waving goodbye to our best and brightest, as the younger generation’s top performers head to cities that can offer them more. I strongly believe I can help to empower us all by supporting much-needed changes that will enhance the future of our city and community. For too long, our local government has been divided in both purpose and direction. It is my hope that we can come together and bring fresh ideas to the table that will help to restore confidence and pride to our great city of Fall River. I understand it will not be easy; one person cannot solve all of Fall River’s problems. It is going to take many people who are willing to work together and work hard to bring about the change that is so desperately needed; our Mayor and City Councilors must be willing to work with our school district, our business community, and our residents.

We must be willing to set long-term goals and establish short-term solutions rather than settling for quick fixes that do not resolve the issues. Personally, I vow to work diligently to bring together the different cultures in our community. We should embrace our differences. It is our diversity that makes us strong. Together, we are strong. “WORKING TOGETHER WORKS” Together, we can restore the confidence and pride our great city has lost.

I vow to invest in our youth through educational opportunity. We must recognize that all children, regardless of their abilities, have gifts that we should nurture. We must encourage our children and provide them with the motivation and the tools necessary for success. I vow to introduce legislation that will help clean our city streets; it’s hard to ignore the trash problem that we have in our city. I will address safety issues by doing everything I can to ensure the police and fire departments have the resources needed to make Fall River safe for all people. Simple things make a big difference. Examples include replacing streetlights and fixing potholes. I will do everything possible to make sure we have whatever is needed to enhance the visual beauty of our city. I believe we must seek answers to all the above issues in order to make Fall River a city that will inspire all residents, workers, and visitors.

I know these challenges may seem overwhelming but our goal, as stated above, is to form a collaborative effort of Fall River people from all (different) walks of life. Who is willing to work together to help resolve Fall River’s past and future issues. We need our elected officials to lead by example and inspire the community to come together. With your support, I plan to do just that! Please vote ‘TITH” for your next City Council.-Thank you!

I wish you and your family have a happy healthy and prosperous life…

Ricky Tith- Candidate for Fall River City Council