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Ricky Tith

Office: City Council
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2023
City: Fall River
State: Massachusetts

There's no denying the positive momentum Fall River has experienced over the years, bucking the unfortunate trends of many cities. But there's still work to do to ensure that every member of our community has a safe place to live, a neighborhood to be proud of, and an accessible opportunity for a comfortable life.

I'm running for Fall River City Council to be an advocate, an innovator, and a collaborator for finding pragmatic solutions to our community's challenges. I believe in our city and its people. And I know that when we bring together diverse perspectives, gather the right information, and think creatively, our community can reach its fullest potential.

Stay tuned in the coming months as I hit the pavement talking to voters, share my perspectives on key issues, and engage with residents to ensure I have a full understanding of today's top concerns.

And, if you believe we need a new voice at the council table, I humbly ask for your support. Let's move #FallRiverForwardTogether.

Professional Experience:

• Business Owner @ Hong Meas Restaurant

• Notary Public

• Certified Trainer, IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

• Certified Trainer IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards

• Certified Trainer IPC/WHMA-A-620

• Lean six sigma yellow belt

• U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (Philadelphia Teacher Training Symposium)

Community Service:

• Board of Directors Member, Fall River Cultural Council (Past)

• Board of Directors Member, United Way of Greater Fall River, Inc. (Past)

• At-Large Commissioner at Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District

• President, Cambodian American Rescue Organization, Inc. (CARO)

• Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship Assistance

Please HELP me raise our voices together! I ask you to think about how you can support my campaign. Your outreach to a friend or relative could make all the difference. Do you like my credentials and point of view? Would you be willing to post an image or remarks on Facebook or Instagram once in a while, or to display one of my campaign signs? Could you help set up a small meet-and-greet gathering, or knock on some neighborhood doors with a brochure? I’d deeply appreciate whatever you chose to do. With your help, Fall River will head to November’s polls and elect Ricky Tith — “A True Servant of the People”.