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Reardon Sullivan

Reardon Sullivan
Office: County Executive
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Gaithersburg
State: Maryland


Founder and CEO of a Rockville, Maryland based engineering consulting firm ( for 25 years, life-long County resident, Montgomery County public schools and University of Maryland graduate, LEED accredited professional engineer and musician.
My campaign platform is based on common sense solutions.

1. Public Safety
Funding the police
Restoring SROs in our schools
Maintaining qualified immunity
Giving police the respect, they deserve

2. Education
Getting Montgomery County schools back into the top 100 nationwide
Focusing more on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM)
Striving for educational excellence

3. Economy
The attitude of local government has to change to be more business friendly, starting at the top. We need to embrace
business and the jobs they bring to grow our tax base.

4. Transportation
Improve north/south transportation routes including building M-83, widening 270, adding reversable lanes on 270, upgrading
the American Legion bridge, opening White’s Ferry, and reworking bus routes.

5. Green
40% of our electrical power is used in the built environment, the buildings that we occupy. Making changes to our buildings
make sense.
I am the only LEED AP – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design running with experience in “green” design.
Rolling back the excessive regulations recently enacted in lieu of following nationally accepted LEED standards.
Retrofitting existing County buildings to LEED EBOM v4.1 and offering tax incentives to projects that implement LEED
innovation points. This will serve to reduce our carbon footprint while not imposing costly, business stifling mandates.

I’m running to bring common sense, cooperation, and compromise back to local government. We must get away from identity politics to find the best solutions.
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