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Robert Wessels

Office: Governor
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2026
City: South Paris
State: Maine

Robert's political experience is limited to 4 years as a Town Selectman. This lack of political history could be viewed as a negative, but during a time when trust in our politicians is near an all-time low, Robert looks at this as a strength. He doesn't have a history of organizations that he feels beholden to. For Robert, it is about stepping up to do the right thing and standing for the Truth during a time when the other side is trying to make that as hard as possible. Fighting censorship. Speaking the truth. Standing up for parental rights and freedom. Determined to make significant education reform for the future of our young people and Maine's future generations. A singular determination to cut our state budget, lowering taxes, and bringing the cost of living in Maine back under control. Maine needs leadership that will make the tough decisions to turn the state around, Robert is that leader.