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Angela McIntosh

Office: Congress
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Detroit
State: Michigan

I am a lifelong Detroiter. I love our communities especially the citizens that make up our new 13th Congressional District of Michigan. We are diverse, we are resilient, and we are a determined citizenry that will do well together.

I am going to Congress to protect what we have" earned “, especially voting rights, social security, community safety, education, union rights, health care rights including a woman's right to choose, and mental health among others. My decisions and vote in Congress will be guided by your interest, each and every single day.

A vote for me on August 2nd will be a bold and defiant vote for our cities, our neighborhoods, and our families. Always know, that together, we are much stronger. United we stand, divided we fall!
Community today, Community tomorrow, Community forever!
Thank you, may God bless you all.