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Lynne Freiberger

Lynne Freiberger
Office: Michigan House of Representative 68th District
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Burton
State: Michigan


Republican Lynne Freiberger, 69, Disabled Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Businesswoman has tossed her “Woman Veteran” hat into the race for House of Representatives in the 68th District.

When asked “Why are you running?” she replied “I feel that the welfare of Michiganders must supersede the needs of the national party and it is my civic duty and responsibility to run for the House of Representatives seat in the 68th District.

Lynne Freiberger is well aware of ongoing issues such as the economy which seems to be spiraling out of control, safety and security to live the life wanted, and educational awareness. She found that these concerns are primary on the minds of the voters.

After she graduating from Highlands High School in North Highlands, CA she studied Business Administration at American River Community College in Sacramento, CA. Lynne served 10+ years active duty in the Army and Reserves as a Tele-Communication Center Specialist with duty in Panama, Germany (where she met her current husband of 40+ years) and the United States. In 1982, she started her 35+ year career as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. During this period, she had several highly profitable business ventures. Her longest and most profitable venture was starting a small cat supply retail business and saw it grow into a complex international cat supply business.

She understands simple and complex budgets, has the ability to solve problems in a timely and effective manner by thinking ‘outside the box’ and has experience in interacting with individuals from all walks of life.

Since moving to Burton in 2015, Lynne Freiberger has felt compelled to give back to the community. She has participated in the AARP tax preparation program, supports the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, participated in several events with ‘Genesee Serves’, and supports local animal rescue groups.