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BJ Jungmann

BJ Jungmann
Office: Mayor
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Credit River
State: Minnesota

Jungmann has been a resident of Credit River for the better part of a decade and an engaged community member south of the river. He has over 20 years experience working as a public official and as a leader among peers, in the field of public safety. Jungmann has been a public safety instructor and has extensive consulting experience across the field of public safety.

He is a proud father and enjoys raising his family in Credit River. He and his wife have two school-age kids, a dog and he is engaged in a number of volunteer/community activities. Most notably, Jungmann has served in the community as:

- Rotary International Member
- Assistant Hockey Coach
- Previous YMCA Community Board Member
- Feed my starving children volunteer

BJ is looking to listen to you, serve and work with the Credit River community as we transition to a city.

My focus as Mayor will be on bringing out the BEST in Credit River. The BEST is ahead of us and it will define all that I will do for you:
- B-egin strong - Create a solid foundation to build the best city
- E-ffective leadership – Lead the council as critical decisions are made
- S-afety – See to the overall security and safety of our community and on every police, fire or EMT call seeing to the needs of our residents
- T-ransparency – ensure that community members have, or can access, ALL of the information they need to fully participate in THEIR government.
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