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Bret Bussman

Office: Minnesota District 5 Senator
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
City: Browerville
State: Minnesota

What I Support
1. The Bill of Rights
2. Accurate/Auditable Elections
3. A Balanced Budget
4. Term Limits
5. School of Choice
6. Tax Relief for Seniors
7. Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground
8. Mandatory minimum sentences for crimes against children, human and drug trafficking, illegal immigration, voting fraud

What I Do Not Support
1. Abortion
2. Mandates are a crime
3. Anything that harms children
4. Open Borders
5. PORK Spending
6. Cronyism & Back Door Deals
7. Government-run Healthcare
8. Higher taxes

Things Other People Support
• Equity over equality
• Universal Health Care under a 1-payer system
• Climate Crisis- they changed the name from Global Warming, why? Now they call it the Green New Deal
• HR 1, 4 or NASA- which takes the State’s constitutionally guaranteed right to make their own election laws
• HR 8- which violates your right to bear arms- 2nd Amendment.

What do all these things have in common?…Socialism!