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Cynthia Lonnquist

Office: MN House of Representatives 52B
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
City: Mendota Heights
State: Minnesota

Former Technology Executive Cynthia Lonnquist has announced her candidacy for MN House of Representatives as she feels the calling for our elected officials to reflect the needs of the people and act accordingly. Cynthia is endorsed by the Republican Party; representing 52B which includes Mendota, Mendota Heights, part of Eagan and Lilydale.

Cynthia issued the following statement; “I am hearing from people across the political spectrum concerned about rising crime and feeling the effects of out of control inflation every day of their lives at the grocery store, at the pump, etc. My democrat opponent agrees with Joe Biden that the solution is to grow Government by expansion of Government healthcare, driving up costs further and requiring MORE taxes. Minnesota is currently in the ‘Top 5 States with highest tax burdens’. I will work to get us removed from this list and provide Minnesotans with permanent tax relief so business and residents can thrive here in the great state of Minnesota."

In addition to tax relief, Cynthia’s legislative priorities include joining dozens of other States offering School Choice for our families–the tax dollars follow the child; support for Law Enforcement; and protection for our unborn brothers and sisters.

Cynthia is a 25-year resident of Mendota Heights with a background in Technology Sales including owning her own business. She is the proud daughter of a WWII Vet, mother and grandmother – the past and future that motivates her. Cynthia passionately serves in Music ministry at her church and enjoys investing in the lives of others.