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Tracy Stuewe

Office: St. Peter School Board
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Saint Peter
State: Minnesota

Hi. My name is Tracy Stuewe. My husband Bill and I have lived in St. Peter since 2001 with our four children and adorable dog Ozzie! My husband Bill is a phy-ed teacher at St. Peter Middle School and also coaches cross country, girls basketball and track and field. All four of our children have either graduated or are currently attending St. Peter Public Schools. Our oldest daughter was married last year and we recently became grandparents! Family is such a blessing and we enjoy any time we get to spend together.

I am a current member of the St. Peter School Board and I am seeking re-election. When I decided to run for school board four years ago, I didn’t anticipate starting off my term with a global pandemic, but just a few weeks in that is exactly what happened. We sorted through countless angry emails, Zoom meetings, making health decisions, political views, angry voicemails and unprecedented times with no roadmap to follow.

As I went through those months, I learned quickly that being a school board member isn't an easy job. You sometimes face criticism and many people will question the decision you make (and not always in a nice way). This position requires many things; some important qualities are being ethical, the courage to do what you feel is right and someone who never stops listening and valuing what their community has to say. I believe I've shown over the past four years that I have these important qualities!

I want to be your conservative, common-sense voice on the St. Peter School Board. If re-elected I will continue to lead St. Peter to excellence by encouraging critical thinking, offering creative solutions, and preparing ALL students for success.

When you head to the polls, I hope you'll cast your vote with these important qualities in mind. Thanks for your support!