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Justin Hicks

Office: Missouri State Representative, District 108
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Lake Saint Louis
State: Missouri

Justin Hicks is a husband, combat veteran of six years in the United States Army, Attorney, Missouri Assistant Attorney General, and Director of the Defenders program which provides legal services to military members and veterans. As a Conservative, career public servant, and Christian, Justin believes traditional family values and the United States Constitution’s fundamental principles are the foundational elements to supporting strong communities and a prosperous state.

Justin believes freedom is a core principle in America's design. It is what makes us unique as a country. I pursue it in how I live my life. I will fight to keep the Right of Freedom alive and unhindered. The authoritarian Left that has hijacked our values, morals, and freedoms. Their objectives are designed to divide Americans, gain power and dismantle America’s core principles. I want to fight against their destructive design. As a candidate for Missouri Representative, I want to reestablish Constitutional principles as the forefront and backbone of all policy decisions. As a member of the General Assembly, I would stand firmly for such beliefs.