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Todd Stewart

Office: Sheriff Stone County
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2023
State: Mississippi

Todd Stewart is the clear choice for Stone County. Stone County is his home and he takes the safety and security of his community very seriously.
On top of his qualifications (listed below), Todd Stewart has taught, mentored and led an estimated 6,500 Law Enforcement Officers throughout his career. This includes over 600 New Officers from all over the state of Mississippi. Todd Stewart has built relationships nationwide by providing continued and advanced training to seasoned officers and internationally, by instructing Canadian and British Explorer Cadets. He personally ensured that minimally funded departments throughout the state of Mississippi were able to get top of the line continued training for their officers, free of charge through a state funded grant, helping the budget for those counties and departments.
As a Second Amendment advocate, Todd teaches South Mississippi residents Enhanced Carry and NRA Gun Safety Courses. If elected, he is looking forward to starting a Citizens Academy for the Stone County Residents and Businesses, free of charge, that will help educate the community on Proper Active Shooter Response, Resource Protection, Risk assessment, Fire Arms safety, First Aid and Public Safety.
As an experienced Internal Affairs Investigator, Todd knows that building proper trust between the community and the police is vital so we can work together for a safer Stone County.


​Southern Regional Public Safety Institute(Police Academy):
-Firearms Instructor
-Active Shooter Response Trainer for Law Enforcement & Civilians
-Less Lethal Munitions Instructor
-Emergency Vehicle Operations(EVOC) Instructor
-Motor Officer
-Defensive Tactics Instructor
-First Aid/CPR Instructor
-Oleoresin Capsicum Spray Instructor
-Field Training Officer(FTO) Instructor/Manager
-Instructor Development Course Trainer
-ASP Baton Instructor

​USAF Security Police:
-SWAT Team Leader
-Law Enforcement Instructor
-Law Office Manager

Security Forces Combat Readiness Training Center(CRTC)
-Deputy Chief

Biloxi Police Department:
-Internal Affairs (IA) Investigator
-Accreditation Manager
-Grant Manager,Internal Affairs (IA)
-Boat & Dive Search & Rescue Team
-Patrol Lieutenant

Gulfport Police Department:
-SWAT Team Sniper & Hostage Negotiator
-Accident Reconstructionist
-Training & Accreditation Sergeant
-DUI Officer

Wiggins Police Department:
-Part Time Officer and Instructor

-MASTERS in Criminal Justice
-Mississippi Command College
-Bachelors in Administration of Justice
-Associates in Paralegal Studies
-Associates Degree/Instructor of Technology & Military Science
-Associates Degree in Security Administration ​