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James Boyette

Office: U.S House of Representatives- Montana
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
City: Bozeman
State: Montana


My name is James Boyette and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 for Montana. I believe that it is time to bring Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Hard work back. It is time to start putting the needs of America and Americans at the forefront.

The lies, corruption, social media overreach, gaslighting and utter incompetence needs to come to an end. If you choose to vote for me, I will spend each and every day and give everything I have to stand up for you and your needs, to listen to your concerns and ideas, and to bring Truth and Honesty back to the forefront.

The main areas that I am wanting to not only bring awareness to, but to fix include:

- Job numbers and bringing work back to the United States, bring back the support and reliance on our local farmers, ranchers and businesses and cut back on reliance of other countries, such as China.

- Address Military preparedness to confront the threats from China, Russia and terrorist groups. Especially with the Russian invasion threats against Ukraine and cyber attacks against America, the Chinese threats against Taiwan, persecution and genocide of Uyghurs, the drastic increase in North Korea's threats and missile tests and ever strengthening alliances between China, Russia, North Korea and middle east terrorist groups.

- Standing up and supporting our Farmers and Ranchers, who are the heart and soul of the United States, to ensure they have the resources available to keep their crops watered and livestock fed. As well as putting safeguards in place to protect them from wildfires that have become so prevalent in Montana.

- Implement solutions for the homeless and organizing programs to provide housing, education, treatments and work experience to these individuals so that they can have opportunities to change their circumstances.

- Fighting against and implementing policies to address the extreme overreach that Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and other Social media platforms are guilty of. They have taken it upon themselves to limit our freedom of speech, ability to seek out truth, facts, and share opinions as citizens.

- Preserving the voting rights of American Citizens and their ability to choose their elected individuals. To ensure that the integrity of elections is maintained and to maintain that only United States Citizens are permitted to vote, not illegal immigrants. I will also push for accountability, so that if there is any slandering, made up information, false allegations, defamation of character or any other activity, that Social Media outlets and News Organizations are held accountable and face consequences accordingly.

- Taking steps to ensure that reservations have the security and resources available to protect their citizens and the support to build and improve the housing situations that they deserve. There have been far too many people who have gone missing without a trace and with the implementation of security systems and cameras throughout the communities and highways, we can have the ability to prevent these crimes and to find the criminals who are committing these abductions, murders and rapes.

- One of the largest battles that I want to address, is the widespread corruption within the political landscape. To many politicians and leaders have had their pockets lined by Pharmaceutical companies, Massive corporate entities, Insider trading and even foreign countries. This needs to end. Politicians are supposed to stand up and represent the will of the people, not to get rich.