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David Blackwelder

David Blackwelder
Office: Wake County Sheriff
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Wake Forest
State: North Carolina

Being actively involved in civic and political issues concerning law enforcement, I have sought to create effective change in the North Carolina General Assembly and Wake County. I am currently the President of a Law Enforcement advocacy organization and serve my community as a Police Officer. My family and I now feel that the time has come for me to restore faith in the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, bringing about effective leadership, and equal protection under the law. I am hopeful that I can bring common sense ideas and solutions to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office.

My goal is to protect all the citizens of Wake County, placing public safety over politics. I have always championed school safety and mental health resources for our children. I wish to continue that passion for school security by increasing protection at our public schools and mentoring our youth. I also believe that our senior citizens deserve the utmost respect and should be looked after whenever possible. This is why I would like to protect seniors with an automated calling system, which will provide daily welfare checks and community engagement.

I am passionate about criminal justice reform and breaking the cycle of criminality. I would implement higher education training opportunities and job fairs within the Wake County Jail, providing inmates with an opportunity for change. I believe in government transparency and accountability, which requires elected officials to follow through with the needs of the community. I would implement policy changes to curb discriminatory practices and reduce criminal recidivism.
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