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James C. Nash

Office: Haywood County Commissioner
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
City: Waynesville
State: North Carolina

This week we heard the news that Russia has invaded Ukraine. That news is disturbing and horrific and could have been avoided, with stronger leadership in DC. Weak leadership has consequences, we are feeling some of the consequences of weak leadership here in Haywood County. Our county government has been weak on crime, weak on addressing our homeless population, weak on our skyrocketing drug problem, weak on getting help to those that actually want and need help, weak on building our jail annex and weak on supporting our Veteran population. As an Army veteran and proud member of the Veterans of Foreign war, I understand what strong leadership looks like and I WILL bring it to Haywood County. I volunteered to serve our great country and I want to continue to serve our great county. There’s going to be tough decisions that need to be made during the upcoming term and we need someone sitting on the Board of County Commissioners that’s not afraid to do the right thing, even if it’s not the most popular thing. I am that strong, Republican, Veteran leader that knows how to get things done.
That’s why I am running for Haywood County Commissioner, and I would be humbled to receive your vote.