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Justin Drahota

Office: Norris School Board
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Hickman
State: Nebraska

I grew up in a small Nebraska town, where faith, family, strong conservative values, and commitment shaped the person I am. After honorably serving in the US Army, I returned to Nebraska to complete my education and raise my family, and my wife and I chose Hickman, and the Norris School District, because it closely reflects the sense of community engagement and the focus on family values which support our beliefs and foster the environment we want for our daughter.

I know that family values are at the heart of who we are as Nebraskans – we carry the respect, honor, and integrity kindled within our families into our communities and our schools, and our schools carry the responsibility to continue and support our values through curriculum which will prepare our children for adulthood. As parents, we owe our children the commitment to understand the decisions which will affect their formative years, and our schools owe us the commitment to provide transparency regarding how they are fulfilling their responsibility to the community. I want to hold our schools accountable for providing a foundation for our children which supports who we are as Nebraskans.

Over the last year, I have been actively involved with parents that have raised concerns about issues within our school district. I've been to and spoken at every school board meeting since September of last year. I’m running for Norris School District School Board Ward 2 so that I can take an active part in insuring that the values and beliefs of my neighbors, and of the community, are given a voice within the Norris School District, and that the foundation that supports our core beliefs is laid for generations to come