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Craig Turner

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Cloudcroft
State: New Mexico

Meet Craig Turner, a passionate advocate for Cloudcroft and an experienced candidate running for mayor!

Craig's love for our enchanting village began 30 years ago when he first visited with his wife, Phyllis, who has a long-standing connection to Cloudcroft, having lived and gone to school here 50 years ago. This deep-rooted affection for Cloudcroft has fueled his desire to contribute and make a positive impact as Mayor, with Phyllis standing with him in partnership and support for the prosperity of Cloudcroft and its future success.

Originally from Texas, Craig has been a small business owner in Cloudcroft for over a decade. He has been married to his wife, Phyllis, for 33 years and they feel blessed to call Cloudcroft home. Together, they have raised three young men--Austin, Ryan and Harrison--and a spoiled Australian Shepherd named Cooper! Firmly invested in the Cloudcroft community, Craig and Phyllis are proprietors of Burro Street Trading Post and The Burro Street Exchange in the heart of the village.

By empowering small businesses and residents with a voice and a seat at the table, he aims to create an environment where Cloudcroft can thrive. Craig believes in the power of community engagement and open communication and he invites input on the following issues he is focusing on in his run for Mayor of the Village of Cloudcroft:
Infrastructure Development
Parks & Recreation Enhancement
Economic Growth & Small Business Support
Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Responsible Development, Affordable Housing & Preservation of Village Charm
Transparency & Accountablilty in Government

Craig believes in EARNING your vote as Mayor and he hopes you will give him that chance by joining him in building a resilient and vibrant future for Cloudcroft!