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Bernadine Lanihou Fernandez

Office: Nevada Assembly #11
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: North Las Vegas
State: Nevada

Bernadine ‘Lanihau’ Fernandez for Nevada Assembly 11

‘Sharing the ALOHA’

Aloha: My name is Bernadine ‘Lanihau’ Fernandez. I am a candidate for the Nevada State Assembly District 11. I am the first Native Hawaiian to run in this District and in Nevada. I am from Maui, Hawaii.I have lived in the District for 15 years.

The hard working residents, the families who live here need their voices and concerns heard! With Bernadine ‘Lanihau’ Fernandez in the Assembly, WE WILL! Every vote from our District 11 representative not only affects the district but also affects the entire State of Nevada. So, ask yourself, has the current Assembly 11 representative spoken, kept promises she made and helped us or have WE all been forgotten? If you said we are forgotten, then it is time for a CHANGE! We don’t have to wait to begin changing the conditions in our neighborhoods .I want to know your Concerns, Issues you feel are IMPORTANT and IDEAS.

That is a PROMISE I will always keep to you. If I am fortunate to be elected, I have the ability to reach across the isles and to work toward common goals instead of getting buried into party politics. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We can’t Win without you. I ask for your help, support, VOTE and your Financial contribution. Please send your contribution to the above address, payable to Friends of Bernie for Assembly 11.

Thank you