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RC Ike

Office: NYS Assembly district 124
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Horseheads
State: New York

My name is RC Ike and I'm running for New York State Assembly District 124

I am a US Army Veteran, Business Owner, Realtor, Community Leader, Board Member on a number of Boards, Husband, and Father to three amazing children. My wife and I moved back here almost fifteen years ago to start our business and raise our children in what we believe is the greatest area of the state and country. After seeing the unfriendly direction our state has taken towards families and businesses and much consideration we made the decision to run for Assembly and fight for the values that we have and many we know.

Albany needs people who have real world experience like myself to shake things up and be vocal about the needs of our counties and communities and I will be both vocal and willing to make this fight on a daily basis to reverse this trend. We need to show the next generations that this is great area and a great state and make it into the place we all know it can be by eliminating undue regulations and burdensome taxes. This is MY home and I have fought for my country, I have fought for my family and community and moving forward...