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David Miller

Office: Ohio House of Representatives District 33
Party Affiliation:
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio

David Miller brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience from both the private and public sectors to the race for the 33rd District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

David has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. His early career began in Texas where his was employed by public accounting firms. This experience gave David an understanding of the real business world and the challenges of dealing with local, state and federal regulations while meeting the needs of employers, employees and customers.

These corporate experiences coupled with a growing concern for his own children drove David’s interest in the political process, eventually, leading him to take positions at several non-profit public policy organizations. During his 12 years in these roles, David affected change at local, state and national levels of government by building relationships with voters, government officials and individuals from both sides of the aisle.

Since moving into the moving into the public sector in 2009, David has served as Policy Director and Regional Liaison and for Ohio’s Auditor of State in Columbus, as well chief of staff for Cincinnati City Councilmembers. Working directly for elected officials has given him keen insight into how public policies directly impact businesses and families — the bedrock of any thriving society.

Building relationships with and personally serving all those whom he would represent is the touchst