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John Rutan

Office: Franklin County Prosecutor
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2024
City: Columbus
State: Ohio

My name is John Rutan and I am running for Franklin County Prosecutor to do the right thing. To protect the public, to punish those who deserve it and to make the community a better and safer place. In every case, more than one family is affected. The past 12 years working as a criminal defense attorney I have gained invaluable life experience into why good people do dumb things, why certain crimes are committed and how to change people for the better. As defense attorney I fought to get people what was fair when time was appropriate. I learned several avenues to use to help rehabilitate clients and have saved several people falsely accused.

My goal now is instead of fighting and only helping a few, I will become the County Prosecutor to affect all. The County Prosecutor is a reflection of its employee’s attitudes, competence and desires. My attitude as a prosecutor will be one of gratitude, position of trust and a moral obligation to serve God. I live by the two real commandments. Love God with all your mind, body and soul and the second one, Love your neighbor like you love yourself. The second commandment is of the most importance for County prosecutor. Sentence recommendations should be commensurate with the crimes, not ones personal ego.

When it comes to desires, our desires as an office as a whole will be to make the community better as a whole and punish violent offenders and crimes against children to the fullest extent of the law. No leniency for any child sex crime. All maximum sentences.

When it comes to drugs, those people committing crimes to get drugs will be punished more severely than those who are merely hurting themselves. Additionally, prosecutors will be encouraged to advise defense counsels that what happens during the pendency of the case matters. Pretrial programs will be created if they do not already exist that will be geared to give an accused an opportunity to show ones desire to rehabilitate. Alternative resolutions to prison will be encouraged if certain factor are met such as the level of the crime, prior record, victims blessing etc.

Under my leadership, our office will have empathy and execution. All lawyers will be skilled advocates and trial attorneys. My skill set will add a unique perspective to the development and trial preparation for all attorneys.

All the prosecutors will be competent. There will be an emphasis of not only understanding the victim, but also the accused. To often lawyers negotiate based on fact patterns without taking into consideration the life history. As a County prosecutor you must have compassion while also being mindful of fair consequences