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Juanita Rich

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Campbell
State: Ohio

Juanita has served as the 4th Ward Councilwoman and Council President of Campbell, Ohio for a combined non-consecutive 16 years. She is currently the sitting 4th Ward Councilwoman and is running as a Challenger for the Mayor's seat.

Over the last 4 years, communication between the City’s Administration and Council has diminished. With her voice on council being ignored and the continuous disrespect shown to council and other department heads by the current administration , Juanita and her family decided now was the time for her to run for the office of the City's Mayor.

Juanita already has a good working relationship with her fellow colleagues and knows they can work well together to get things accomplished. Juanita believes she has the necessary tools and proven experience that the city needs in order to see positive changes and growth.