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Renee Vaughan

Office: Genoa Township Trustee
Party Affiliation:
City: Galena
State: Ohio

Renee Vaughan is running for Genoa Township Trustee. She has been a resident of Genoa Township over 6 years. Renee is married with 3 sons and is an active community member and school volunteer. A few of her highlights include:

- Serving a 4 year term on her neighborhood HOA. She actively worked with township employees, contractors, residents and management companies to complete projects. She also organized her neighborhood's first garage sale and helped plan annual neighborhood gatherings in the park.

- Regularly attending the bi-monthly Genoa Township meetings.

- Serving as part of a small group of residents who started the anti-CVS campaign.

Renee is running for the 2018-2021 Trustee position and wants to be THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Renee has no personal political agenda. She is the perfect example of the community member we want to be. Renee is willing to spend the time and energy to ensure that Genoa Township remains "A Nice Place To Live." She will represent the wants and needs of the people of Genoa, not the Corporations. We can't stop development in the township; however, we can control it. Renee would like to see that all new development follows the comprehensive plan.