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Tim Hess

Tim Hess
Office: Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, General Division
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2022
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

I grew up the youngest of five children in Middleburg Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. My father, a Marine, worked at ALCOA for over thirty-five years to support our family. My mother, a schoolteacher, left her career early on to raise our family and ensure we had a safe and nurturing household. My father taught me the value of dedicated work ethic, while my mother emphasized the importance of a good education.
In 1992, following graduation from Midpark High School, I attended Kent State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Justice Studies (1996). After graduating from Kent State, my acceptance to Cleveland Marshall College of Law lead to my law degree in 2001.
During college and law school, I worked multiple jobs to make ends meet and raise my daughter. These experiences included construction, landscaping, tile setting, bartending, restaurant server, and as a gravedigger for a summer. I know what hard work is and I know what it means to work hard.
Since 2003 when I began my own law practice, it has always been my professional mission to represent persons in need of someone to safeguard their rights. For twenty years I have represented people against government persecution and abuse. The foundation of my goal is to protect and defend the rights afforded to all citizens under the Constitution of the United States.
With the honor of your vote for Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge, I will ensure that anyone who appears before me has their rights protected, that they are provided access and absolute opportunity to be heard in a court of law, and that they understand that regardless of the outcome, they have received equal justice under the law.