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Hoss Turlington

Office: Delaware County, Oklahoma Sheriff
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Jay
State: Oklahoma

The Turlingtons are Christians. This is more important than any of what follows.

Hoss is descended from 8 Indian Territory pioneers and his wife, Julie, is descended from Oklahoma Territory pioneers. They are raising their four children as the 7th generation to reside in what was formerly known as Delaware District, Indian Territory.

Hoss is from here. He understands the problems locals face all too well.

Free link to the digital version of Hoss's expose of local government corruption, “The Most Dangerous Man”
(give it time to download- it's over 400 pages )

In 2014, Eight days after his return to Delaware County, Hoss shot an armed, trespassing felon who had multiple warrants for his arrest. Then, Hoss had to fight crooked prosecutors and police for over five years. Hoss was able to defend himself in part due to evidence collected by honest police detectives at the scene. Several years into his case, the State Attorney General charged Hoss's defense lawyer (Winston "Backdoor" Connor, a former Delaware County prosecutor) with TEN felonies- including soliciting murder, prostitution, and "sex for legal services".
Within a month of Hoss warning local officials he would expose them in "true and accurate, documented and very embarrassing" videos, the D.A. dropped Hoss's charges. However, Hoss's children, his wife, and his elderly parents will never forget the emotional and financial cost just to prove Hoss's innocence (to the public, as the dirty cops and lawyers involved in his case didn't care whether he was guilty or not).

The worst part for Hoss was learning police and prosecutorial misconduct was normal in Delaware County and had claimed countless other victims and their loved ones.

It was Hoss’s interaction with “local” dishonest and corrupt cops and prosecutors, as well as the actions of honest and competent cops in that same interaction, that eventually led to his decision to run for office.

As a former law enforcement officer Hoss understands the need for good law enforcement as well as accountability. Hoss is an advocate for law enforcement reform, but he is not anti-police. He speaks as a former law enforcement officer, who fully understands the challenges our law enforcement officers face, but he also understands the challenges of those who cannot afford to buy their own justice. He believes the best ideas for reform are those that protect both the police officer, and citizens’ rights, and any ideas that pit one against the other must be rejected.

Hoss is a former Oklahoma teacher and is licensed to teach Oklahoma History, Political Science, American History, and several other subjects.

As the son of conservative Oklahoma educators, Hoss has a unique perspective. He supports conservative values, public education, and the needs of working-class Oklahomans.

Hoss's ancestors have served in the military from colonial times to the present. Hoss’s grandfather, Robert Kelly, who gave his life in the Philippines in World War II, was recently recognized by General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Robert was the son of Delaware District, Indian Territory pioneers. Hoss's father served in the Air Force, and later as an Infantry officer. He raised Hoss and his brothers to believe that military service was a healthy man's obligation to his country.

While still a teenager, Hoss enlisted in the 82d Airborne Division. Hoss served as a Military Policeman, a paratrooper, and as personal security for a 4-star General officer overseas. He retired from Oklahoma’s famed 45th Infantry Brigade in 2017. Hoss's younger brother, Lance was a private in the 45th and was commissioned an Army lieutenant. He is now a Colonel in the US Army. Their brother, REB, was an infantry staff sergeant in the 45th and served on General Dearing's Personal Service Detachment in Iraq. As a disabled veteran, Hoss understands the difficulties of regular people trying to navigate the healthcare system.

Hoss has been quoted as saying, “the thing that teachers, cops, and Non-Commissioned Officers have in common is this: there is nothing better than a good one, and nothing worse than a bad one. We put young and vulnerable people in their care and supervision, and we must be able to trust them. So let’s fund them, support them and also hold them accountable when the occasional bad actor betrays that trust.”

Hoss has been recognized in the nation’s Capitol for his service, and he speaks for veterans’ issues as one of their own. He is a staunch supporter of gun rights and the right to self-defense (obviously). He supports and has the support of honest law enforcement officers, who continue to work in difficult circumstances without adequate funding. He supports teachers and better teacher pay.

Hoss’s military service taught him that nothing is more important for a public servant than accountability. Public service is a public trust; it is a privilege and elected officials must answer to their constituents.