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Barbara N. Lyons

Barbara N. Lyons
Office: Supervisor
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Doylestown
State: Pennsylvania

Contact info: Email address, Website:, Facebook:

About Barbara:

As a conscientious person, a caring business woman, and as our Supervisor, Barbara Lyons has made a positive difference in the lives of every Doylestown Township residents.

Her service to our community runs much deeper than a political position; helping people is part of who Barbara is.

She has spent nearly three decades serving Doylestown Township as a volunteer, organizer, fundraiser, Board Member and Chair of non-profit organizations, and as an elected Supervisor.

Barbara has brought her talents as a mediator to help create an open and responsive Board of Supervisors who are respectful of each other, residents, and all who come before the Board for business, and concerns.

She is proud of her service and of the many awards and accolades Doylestown Township continues to earn as it remains a welcoming and vibrant community we are all proud to call home.

That's why she is supported by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike.

Please join us in supporting Barbara and vote to re-elect her as our Doylestown Township Supervisor on Tuesday, November 2nd or on your Mail-in Ballot.

Thank you!

More about Barbara:

Throughout Barbara’s life and career, she has helped to nurture and create partnerships founded in common good and mutual respect to enhance our community for all residents.

Barbara has served as a board member and board chair of CB Cares, where she worked to create a partnership with our school district to formalize CB Cares as the district’s Educational Foundation to support students, parents, and educators in the CB School District.

She has spent 30 years as a volunteer for Legal Aid representing women in protection from abuse actions.

Barbara has also mentored women on how to achieve financial independence and has served as the Director of A Woman’s Place, a center for victims of domestic violence and their children.

She helped build Kids Castle in 1997 as both a volunteer and fundraiser.

Barbara also chaired the Parks & Recreation Board as a volunteer prior to becoming a Supervisor, volunteered for the Township Egg Hunt and Octoberfest.

As a Supervisor, she has been proud to support the ongoing restorations and enhancements of Kids Castle for all abilities and Central Park. She is especially proud of the addition of the Sensory Trail.

Under Barbara’s leadership, Doylestown Township has entered into community partnerships with private and public entities, non-profits, businesses and neighboring municipalities. These relationships, founded in common good and mutual respect, help create more opportunities for sharing resources, fundraising, education and providing for the health and welfare of our youth and residents.

Her leadership and commitment to recreation spaces for all residents has led to the addition of 30 miles of bike/hike trails, 739 acres of open space preserved and 367 acres of active park land acquisitions over the past 20 years.

Barbara’s deeds speak for themselves. She’s lives life in service to our community as a resident, volunteer, professional attorney, and Township Supervisor.