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Latowya Miller-Jamison

Office: President
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina

Mrs.Latowya Miller-Jamison was born and raised throughout the Charleston County area, where she still resides with her husband Mr.Christopher Jamison, children Neihemiah Miller(15) and Shamyiah Jamison (13) who has been diagnosed with Autism.She has served in multiple areas in her community/ churches she models after her current leading Pastor Dr. Issac Holt where she is also a member at Royal Baptist Church, by getting the knowledge in the building and taking it back out in the community to reach those who have been hurt, abused, homeless & etc. Mrs.Jamison endured a lot throughout her life which left her having to pick up the pieces to her broken heart in a world that look not so familiar so instead of taking on the victim mentality she has made it a life ministry to now show others how to overcome any obstacle starting with personal development. Mrs. Jamison decided to take on the presidential mandate after serving in her own household, community and witnessing world wide that we needed a leader who was going to lead not follow the same social construct that was hindering and not growing us as a people closer to the overall vision of Unity & Generational Wealth which brings peace so she has made it her mission to do just that.She enjoys celebrating others accomplishments and coaching them to the best version of themselves which speaks volumes & her humble beginnings has allowed her to see that no matter how much degrees, titles,talents/skills that she may have if it's not for the greater good to impact lives then why even do it for selfish gains. Mrs. Jamison is truly full of wisdom & guidance which speaks to every individual no matter their background so on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 vote her as our President, you will be glad that you did!