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Lucus Devan Faulk

Lucus Devan Faulk
Office: U.S House SC District 1
Party Affiliation: Labor
Next Election: 2022
City: Bonneau
State: South Carolina

My name is Lucus Devan Faulk. Born & raised right here in "The Lowcountry" for all 26 years of my life, I've always felt it a passion to instill the common man and woman's voice in the political environment. Family takes on a whole new meaning in a tight knit community such as around here leaving me to be very family oriented. During the Summer months I host fishing tournaments in Georgetown under the name "Muddy Masters." I've also written two books as my appreciation of literature and history are profound. I've always worked for a living so any type of labor has been the norm, and if I ever wanted something; I had to work for it.