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Leah Anderson

Office: Minnehaha County Auditor
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2022
City: Sioux Falls
State: South Dakota

Not many people realize that we have issues with Election Integrity locally. That’s why I'm using my 29 years of accounting experience to run for Minnehaha County Auditor. I want to preserve the sanctity of our right to vote and ensure that our elections are transparent and secure.
ELECTION LAWS - Heritage Foundation gives South Dakota election laws an "F" because they are vague and open to wide interpretation or abuse. I will work with state and local officials to close the gaps in our statutes and protect our voting processes.
VOTER ROLLS - Our voter registration records contain an unacceptable level of inaccurate and out-dated information. I am committed to cleaning up our data and making sure votes are cast by real people.
LEADERSHIP - We need leaders who will protect our elections and who will work with voters regarding their concerns about election integrity. I will explore all threats to the integrity of our elections and I will keep open communication with all voters.
TECHNOLOGY - Our state and local leaders are moving quickly to push more of our election processes out to the internet. I will ensure that our elections use the benefits of technology without exposing our processes to manipulation or fraud.