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Shirelle "Dakota" Brown

Office: Commissioner district 7
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee

Shirelle Brown, a single-mother, business owner, retired 20+ year combined City and Shelby County Government Employee, former Shelby County Board of Commissioner's Grant Coordinator, Legislative Specialist, and 40+ yearlong resident of District 7 is well-versed in government relations and is prepared to represent the citizens of District 7 and Shelby County abroad as County Commissioner. Shirelle can correspond with people from all walks of life due to the multi-faceted exposures and experiences she's encountered as a resident of Shelby County in general & stands as a politically free agent who is solely focused on dismantling the barriers and divisions that has existed within the political parties and among the people for far too long, limiting the exercise of their own voice & choice based off their own personal beliefs, for fear of being ostracized or ousted by their own or opposing parties. Shirelle is breaking trends on how both political parties view the opposing party more negatively & will create bridges that alleviate the rigid partisan strongholds that has kept Memphis stagnant & behind other progressing cities. She is a true leader who cares more about being impactful in the role than impressive with a title & is a new choice who is willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans to create policies that find a happy medium& tailored to make Memphis a better place to live for all residents regardless of their political stance, religion, sex, race, or status.