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Bob Worthen

Office: US Congress, District 4 , Texas
Party Affiliation:
City: New Boston
State: Texas

I am a seventh generation Texan who understands hard working people because I was one. I worked as a Master Brick Mason in my family’s business for about 20 years, 10 of which I was a part-time Instructor at Kilgore College. I have also been a Farmer, Professional OTR Driver, and am currently the Managing Partner of a multi-million dollar family business. All 3 of my brothers graduated High School as Valedictorians and all 4 of us have taught college level classes in our respective fields of expertise. My eldest brother currently serves as the Chief Justice of the Texas 12th District Court of Appeals and all of four of us are well respected in our professions.
If elected, I have a plan to completely reform our nation’s failing Educational System. Sixty years ago we were at or near #1 in quality of education. Now, according to a recent study we are apparently ranked #48 in quality of education. We lead the World in education spending so it is unacceptable that we are not at least near first place in quality of education. If we continue to increase spending to our Failed Government Run Educational System without significant reforms, it will only get worse. Reforming Education will be my number one goal in Congress because Education is in my opinion the number one Domestic Issue that needs “fixing” to maintain a strong U.S.A.
I will work hard to expose Government Officials who lack transparency and are hypocritical. I have a track record of successfully exposing Local Government Corruption and overreach and have written several articles on how Nationally, the Democrat Party is against our average Citizen. Our leaders need to be honest, transparent, and point out hypocrisy in government. I am committed to passing legislation that benefits OUR citizens equally and fairly and insisting in and fighting for OUR Constitutionally Guaranteed Personal Freedoms and beating back government overreach. Far too many Government Officials have become our oppressors and forgotten how to be our government servants. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson