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Donna Smith

Office: ECISD Trustee, Position 3
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
State: Texas

I've been on the board for 17 years and during much of that time, my district has struggled, with consistently low accountability ratings. Four years ago, the board hired a new superintendent who began to put in place foundational pieces aimed at increasing teacher and principal capacity, implementing a consistent and rigorous curriculum, and putting into place strategies for such as blended learning and high dosage tutoring to help close learning gaps. Those efforts have paid off and the district has seen progress, most notably moving from an F/59 three years ago to a B/85 last year. Our improvements are real, but they're new and fragile. I'm running again in order to help protect the momentum and give the district time to solidify the processes that made these gains possible.