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Johnathan Kyle Davidson

Office: For U.S. Representative TX-24
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Saginaw
State: Texas

Johnathan Kyle Davidson is running for a United States Congressional Seat to obtain access to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which was founded in 1978, to file complaints for the issuances of FISA warrants to pull accounts of victims and allow the Texas State Constitution and U. S. Constitution's Title 18 rules and civil rights amendments to work in obtaining Civil Injunctions ("Stalking Protective Orders") and have criminal charges filed. Unfortunately, from what I have noticed, there are no other candidates running for office that will fight for every person in my district, neighborhood, and family for the right to obtain a protective order or the like against FISA Act violations of misconduct using DARPA programs by any agency or commercial entity. If the population knew of the filth and profanity on the satellite and wireless cellular tower camera system surveillance networks, there would be shock, disgust, disbelief, anger, and a demand for the multiple cases of wrongdoing, misconduct, abuse, and persecution to be presented in the criminal courts, either State or U. S. District Criminal Courts. To provide such access and help to victims of stalking and terrorism related crimes is a great honor and a task that must be accomplished.