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LaVaughn Washington

LaVaughn Washington
Office: Mayor
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Duncanville
State: Texas

We need strong local city government that is trustworthy, disciplined, competent as well as compassionate. We need new political leaders that are visionaries that allow its citizens to speak truth to power.

As Mayor I will not parcel any portion of the Ladd Land Habitat for commercial or city development.
Major portions of our city have languished for years in neglect. Poor choices have been made in the past regarding the allocations of permits and grants for developers.

As your Major I will promote and vet businesses that enhances the quality of life, incorporates sound business practices for goods/services and that simultaneously contributes to strong revenue streams for our city.

I will work with city leadership along with citizens in the community to develop short term and long term goals with benchmarks in developing world class amenities in Duncanville.

Develop new strategies with law enforcement in crime prevention. Ensuring that officers have the state of the art equipment, technology, ongoing training and the support of the community to make Duncanville a safer place to live.
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