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Patricia A. Grant, Ph.D.

Office: President USA 2020
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: San Antonio
State: Texas

Organizational Management Leadership Scholar, USAF Officer Retired, DAV, and other dynamic citizen qualities.

A nonpolitician organizational and civic leader, utilizing a "Bottoms-Up Leadership" approach that recognizes organizational entities, as members of society and not the controllers.

One Nation, Under God, unifying the present "Divisables". "We the People" working jointly towards an uncorrupted, transparent, and "Honorable" Return of Americas' ("ROA") global respect and position, true economic prosperity, and a self-sustaining U.S.A.

The people as leaders, represented authorities, with educated, skills-trained, and valued resources; ensuring 21st Century technological advancements and growth.

The restoration of "Hope", "Unification", and "Togetherness" will ensure a strong, thriving, and everlasting "Unified Nation."