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Robert Morales

Office: 507th Family District Court
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Houston
State: Texas

I am humble, honest, respectful, resourceful, trustworthy, objective, and fair. I have played every part in the family court (except that of judge): I have been a respondent in child support court, a pro se petitioner in a divorce, a private attorney, and even the attorney representing the State’s interests in support orders. I still remember feeling lost in child support court, like I was just a number and not a person. I still remember navigating my way through a pro se divorce that started out uncontested, then contested, and finally agreed; as I was still in law school at the time, I like to tell people that this is the first case that I ever “won”. I also remember the grossly unfair power that I wielded on behalf of the State. And I also know how it feels to represent a party and get an unfair ruling, get personally disrespected by a judge, and even lose a hearing but still feel like an objective ruling was made. Those are all feelings that I will never forget and always carry with me.
Most cases in family court involve children and being the father of two small daughters helps keep me grounded to what “best interest of the child means”. As a future judge, I cannot make very many promises, but what I can promise is that I will treat everyone in my court with the same dignity and respect that I, myself, would like to be shown.