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Jacob Andersen

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation:
City: Rockville
State: Utah

Jacob is a Rockville resident, a volunteer, and a father. He and his wife, Shantell, have 5 children - 4 that attend the local Springdale elementary school. As a 5th-generation farmer/rancher, Jacob is keenly aware of the desire for the town to keep its agricultural roots.
Jacob supports agricultural-based businesses. In the past, Rockville government leaders have turned away requests for wineries, horse boarding, fishing ponds, and other agricultural enterprises. Jacob would support agricultural businesses that allow children to come back home, live in Rockville, and support their family. Jacob also supports agricultural-based businesses that enrich the culture of the community while also proving a tax base to reduce the high property taxes paid by locals.
While Rockville does a fantastic job of keeping the town small, many feel the town government goes beyond its purpose and becomes obstructionist to its general residents. All residents and property owners in the town should feel represented, whether or not they have personal connections to influential members of the town.
Jacob brings people together. He listens. He thinks critically and takes action. Let's work together to help build a more affordable, sustainable, and vibrant Rockville that represents all citizens.