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Mike Petersen

Office: Utah State Representative District 3
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: North Logan
State: Utah

Our state legislature is out of touch. They do not listen to us. They do not believe we are as smart as they are. They do not believe we should be listened to. We need new representation who will listen to us. I will restore your voice!

I love Cache Valley and the great state of Utah. This is where I have chosen to ski, hike, do business, and raise a family. Utahns have a great history of people working together, and with God, creating an environment where life, liberty and happiness is not only pursued but enjoyed.

Our traditional beliefs in self-reliance, small and accountable government, along with our belief that the family is the fundamental unit of society are the very reasons Utah is among the fastest growing states in the nation. We are a beacon for the entire country because of our beliefs.

We must remain true to our beliefs. We cannot have another debacle like the 2019 Tax Reform Bill. We need representation that listens to "we the people." We need representation that doesn't ignore us or talk down to us. We didn't sign the referendum because we didn't understand it. We signed because we knew it was wrong. We need new representation. We need to be heard!

I ask you to join me in restoring the voices of everyday Utahns. Please join the cause where you will be heard and respected. Click and we'll hear you!