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Alissa Baldwin

Office: United States Senate (VA)
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Victoria
State: Virginia

My name is Alissa Baldwin and I’m an educator from Southside Virginia running for US Senate. As a conservative voter and lifelong Virginian, my concerns for our Senate representation have dramatically increased with the increasing radical agenda push and self-serving politically ambitious promotions by the current leadership. Virginia needs to bring back a voice of common sense conservative values, someone like me whose passion is teaching and defending the Constitution...not a career politician looking for the next rung on a ladder while stepping all over the hardworking Virginians. My public policy passions are protecting human life and education reform. The top priorities for me are keeping federal government within its constitutional boundaries, returning control of education to parents and teachers, and border crisis resolutions which address both the humanitarian and immigration aspects of the existing problem. Your support will help this history teacher make history, but more importantly, return control of the Senate seat to the people and not the special interest donors currently lining the pockets of the existing political machine.