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John Pettit

Office: Supervisor
Party Affiliation:
City: Spotsylvania
State: Virginia

John Pettit (born May 04, 1975) is a dedicated servant to protecting others. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps where he received an Honorable Discharge after serving 9 years, then continued to serve an additional 15 years as a Senior Vice President to a Large Defense Contractor supporting the War Against Terrorism and directly supporting the Warfighters on the ground supporting multiple programs that saved countless American lives.

John received his Bachelor’s degree from Ashford University in Business Management.

John moved to the Livingston District in 2007, and now operates a Veteran Owned Small Business in the Livingston District supporting the Lake Anna Community.

John is Married to Regina Pettit for 27 years, and Father to John Pettit, Jr, Brooke Pettit, and Michael (Rocky) Pettit. John Pettit Jr and Brooke Pettit are Graduates of Spotsylvania High School, Post Oak Middle School, and Livingston Elementary School. His youngest son “Rocky” currently attends Post Oak Middle School.

John has spent the majority of his adult life time defending against external threats to America, and now committed to devote his experience and time into protecting our home community.

I am asking for your support and vote to County Supervisor for the Livingston District.