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Steve Maxwell

Office: Spotsylvania County Sheriff
Party Affiliation: Independent
Next Election: 2023
City: Spotsylvania
State: Virginia

Steve Maxwell is a constitutional conservative running for Sheriff of Spotsylvania, a county in Northern Virginia. He has vast experience in the realm of law enforcement, working in the career field since he was seventeen. Initially working for a sheriff's office in Ohio, later joining the Army where he served in the Criminal Investigation Division and further honed his law enforcement skills and knowledge as a narcotic investigator. During his time in the Army, he served in combat roles and was deployed during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He also created and ran Maxwell Investigations and Security – a firm that provided investigative support to court systems, public defenders offices and others as well as security to Fortune 500 firms.

More than 45 years later, 35 of which have been dedicated to law enforcement, Steve is ready to put his dedication to service, empathy for everyone he meets and wealth of experience to work for Spotsylvania County as its Sheriff.

As an independent candidate, Steve offers a unique blend of military, local and federal law enforcement experience as well as entrepreneurial and business know-how.

His broad knowledge of law enforcement challenges and trends would serve everyone in Spotsylvania County today and, as it grows, in the future.