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Andrew Flojo

Office: School Board Director District 1
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
State: Washington

Hi, I am Andrew Flojo and I am seeking your vote for Olympia School Board Director, District 1.

My goal is to restore what is missing in our schools, while preserving what is being implemented well. When elected, I will work to immediately address the decline of academic excellence that was once a hallmark of our great public schools. In the last few years, divisive policies, partisan politics, and mismanagement of taxpayer funds have caused a massive loss of enrollment, decreased school safety, a budget deficit resulting in reduction of essential staff and programs, and a possibility of closing schools in the near future.

My roles as a father, health care provider, and business owner have taught me the value of hard work and service. I will work to restore trust and accountability by listening to the concerns of all families in our community. I will help restore fiscal soundness by focusing on a return to academics to attract families back to our schools. I will work to reinstall school resource officers to ensure safety in our schools. I will strive to empower students to reach their greatest potential by providing them with knowledge and skills in the fields of STEM, trades, arts, and all paths to success.

Our public schools should be a welcoming place for all families in our community, regardless of culture, religion, political beliefs, race or ethnicity, sex or gender. Let’s focus on common values, building friendship, understanding, and discard any barriers that lead us to division.

Thank you for your consideration! I would be honored to receive your vote. Please take a moment to learn more about me and my vision for Olympia School District by visiting my website