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Art Frank

Art Frank
Office: Jefferson County Sheriff
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Quilcene
State: Washington

My Mission: “Respond & Resolve”
Every call for help shall be answered! No call will go unresolved! “The status quo” is not a mission!

My mission is supported by these three pillars:
Law enforcement that supports ALL communities:
All communities must be supported and served! No community should ever feel “less than” when it comes to their relationship to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office!

Inspired, Motivated and Appreciated Staff: Ensure a well-trained and properly equipped team whose members are valued, appreciated and motivated to support the mission.

Mission-Driven Spending: All expenditures will be traceable and connected to the mission of Respond & Resolve and must support our service to the communities and our staff.

42 Years of Experience

My experiences allow me to anticipate and respond to recurrent issues that affect us all. Four decades of diverse law enforcement experience give me a trusted leadership position at Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, where I have served as Undersheriff, Detective, Chief Criminal Deputy and Patrol among many other responsibilities.

Driven to Serve

Whether as a Fire Commissioner or Volunteer for my fire district, search & rescue or emergency preparedness, I seek out roles where I can do the most good for my community.

Mission is the Key

To strike a balance between Communities, Law Enforcement and Spending, a unifying set of principles known to everyone is the only way to navigate our changing world.