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Catie Malik

Office: Kirkland City Council
Party Affiliation: Independent
Next Election: 2023
City: Kirkland
State: Washington


Kirkland is an amazing community. We are facing challenges and pressures from our own unprecedented growth and that of our surrounding areas. Safety and community planning is key to maintaining the neighborhoods that drew us all here to thrive. Over 15 years of working in healthcare administration, and during a global pandemic, I have executed and implemented skills needed to bring about change with limited resources, in a heavily regulated industry. I know I need to listen to those being impacted by change and include them in the solution fostering community. That is what I will do for Kirkland. I understand the need to use data driven research and evidence-based solutions to optimize our resources and bring about the best results for our friends and families in Kirkland. After much consideration and meetings with local agencies offering endorsements, I realized that I needed to run as an Independent for this nonpartisan position. I will not be beholden to a political party and any agenda. I will vote my conscience and what is best for those that I am elected to serve. I'm eager to serve you and our community.

My husband and I grew up in Greater Seattle, me in Bothell and he in North Seattle. Twenty years ago, we chose Kirkland to put down roots, raise a family and thrive and we don't regret that decision. Both of our daughters will graduate from Lake Washington High School; I attended Inglemoor High School and UW. Like you, our family loves living in Kirkland. I have a deep-rooted passion for our city's progress and a commitment to fostering positive change. I'll work tirelessly to ensure the safest neighborhoods and parks so our families can continue to thrive and enjoy Kirkland while focusing on sustainable urban planning. I'm dedicated to making our community the best place to live in the PNW.

My proven track record of leadership and a genuine commitment to serving you, Kirkland, shows I will make a positive difference for the future. As your City Council representative, together, we'll build a stronger, more vibrant city that we can all be proud of.

Public Safety
I believe the decision to partner with King County to create a homeless shelter in the former La Quinta Inn will bring unintended consequences to our local community and support services. Our community hospitals, Overlake and Evergreen, do not have the capacity, appropriate facilities or staffing to care for this population's specific needs. Unlike my opponent, I would have voted to require mandatory background checks for all potential residents and prohibit residents from possessing guns within the facility. This is for the safety of other residents in the facility as well as the neighborhood.

Partner with Local Businesses
I will work with local business owners to ensure their businesses continue to thrive and foster the independent and creative business environment that makes Kirkland so unique and such a wonderful place to live and work.

Purposeful Growth
Kirkland's growth needs be addressed in tandem with our infrastructure. Growth must be sustainable for our roads, public transportation, hospitals, fire and police departments, schools, and other public works.

I can only get elected with your support.
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