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David Ross

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Olympia
State: Washington

No More. Four years ago, I ran for Olympia mayor, warning of the bad policies that were ruining our city. In four years, it's become worse than I expected. We need to say "No More" with a collective voice.

Social services are needed…and we need a clean, safe, welcoming city. There is an affordable housing crisis…and people should feel safe walking the trails, parks, and sidewalks of our community. There is a mental health crisis…and kids, women, and seniors should be completely comfortable enjoying our downtown. There is an opioid epidemic…and we deserve a compassionate community that offers help without enabling. Homelessness is complex, involving mental illness, substance abuse, job loss, medical issues, domestic violence, or a combination of factors….and it is completely unacceptable to have our forests, waterways, and public spaces absolutely devastated by human waste and garbage.

These are not “either/or" issues. They are "and" issues. One issue does not negate the other. We need leaders who will address all sides of these issues. For too long, there have been two different sets of rules for Olympia residents. No more. If you want a new direction for Olympia, vote for new leadership.